CF Security

Jun 15 2014
posted by Dana K in ColdFusion

As anyone actively using CF knows, the release cycle is currently putting in CF11 fixes, and developing on the roadmap to the next version.

I think it's imperative for anyone using CF full time to really weigh in on the architecture design and seriously make a push for a better way for the CFIDE/ components to be implemented. This setup has constantly bit the product in the butt, and needs to be 100% addressed as it was ignored in CF11.

I think it's imperative for customers to get their feedback in now during active development. If you don't fully get the issues at hand, I'd suggest watching Dave Epler's presentation on hacking ColdFusion so you get as little sleep as I do. The current infrastructure isn't a critical vulnerability, IF you use request filtering on IIS, significantly lock down requests in your stack, actively patch. It's still scary, because how many people are putting in this level of effort? The product should allow for this level of lock down out of the gate imho.

I'm seeing a ridiculous amount of attack vectors in the logs across every public CF install I have for CFIDE requests. I'm lucky to know enough to block this on multiple levels of security.



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