Jun 17 2014
posted by Dana K in ColdFusion

I had some code I tossed on GitHub, lamely named GitLogFusion. It provides web-based statistics on a Git repository, using ColdFusion.

The code includes an example, and offers:

  • Author List from the Git repo.
  • Commit counts, by author. A date range is optional.
  • A range/author filtered listing of the git log. This can be provided in text or xml format.
  • Related file changes, by commit id.
  • Optional regex linking of commit msgs to issue tracking.

It requires cfexecute to be enabled, git installed on the machine running the code, and a local path to the repository.

I'd appreciate, if someone is bored, a code review. I've been in a rut lately, and need to improve. Feel free to tell me how dumb I am, and what should be done better. I won't hate you for too long!



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