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I've been playing with CF 11 for a bit now, some stream of conscience thoughts:

  • I'm a little disappointed this release didn't focus more on infrastructure security, given the negative press and compromises the past year. The current structure of CFIDE and the administrator etc should have been completely reworked, in my opinion. This setup has proven time and time again to bite the product in the ass because of lax administration from customers. I really hoped a development/production switch would setup things differently, and lock down the CFIDE better to outside access. You can't rely on administrators of your product to follow adequate patching routines, and the lock down guide as your baseline of a secure install. The negative press has made it exceedingly hard to defend against switching to a different platform in the past three years.
  • There was a pretty polarized debate on the mobile development additions in this release. I think it falls in line with what made CF successful in the past, provide a 'shallow end' for people to access technologies, but still allow people over in the 'deep end of the pool' to use more standardized tools. It does open up the argument for making things more compartmentalized and not necessary to an install if it's not being used. It looks like this is being addressed in the next version, which is a positive step.
  • The PDF re-write is extremely awesome. The handful of test cases I've run, the PDF output has been spot on, a definitely large step forward on what was previously in place as far as aesthetics go anyhow.
  • The CFScript support is a difficult one to provide an opinion on. I think at this maturity level it is hard to accommodate this, so from that perspective it was a good effort. I think at some point things need to be re-evaluated and some level of starting from scratch needs to occur. That's my personal opinion anyhow, and I'm not a large CFScript user in my work setting.
  • I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the content encoding option that are now available. I think it's a good step forward for the product, I just haven't had much time to dink with it so far.

Overall, I think the group did a good job on a shorter release cycle. I've got to imagine it's tough given where Adobe publicly appears to rank the importance of ColdFusion in their business plan.



  • #1 by Joey on 6/12/14 - 2:42 AM

    Thoughts on memory usage? I haven't looked much into it but I was playing around building an app. I was doing some long running processes and it crashed my laptop twice - enough to make me go to bed and make it tomorrows problem. Funny enough I'm yet to go back and see if it was a code error or CF11 or my laptop. One thing I did check was the cause and it was due to memory. I installed CF11 stock standard, nothing special. I found even IIS was a tad slow at times, but again could have been my laptop...
  • #2 by Dana Kowalski on 6/12/14 - 2:49 AM

    I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary in my JMeter testing.

    I'm using a modified version of Mike Brunt's settings, which are on point:
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  • #4 by reviews on 4/10/17 - 6:31 AM

    I was little bit disappointed with my first impressions. Although, later on I started to like it. The reason was that the changes are so sudden that first you hesitate to like it and then suddenly you start to like it. I mean, the emotions are mixed for this one.
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